Reasons to study in AUSTRALIA – Your Gateway to Education with an Edge

Australia, being the sixth largest country in the world, is approximately about 7.7 million square kilometers in area. It is also known as a dried continent, is located between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It has a beautiful, unique and varied geography, making it any archaeologists’ delights, to study and explore. Australia, with Canberra as its capital, is usually flat with some great mountains and beautiful beaches. Here are some of the important features of this amazing place.

Land Attributes

1. Wonderful scenic country and truly a land of opportunities.

2. Ranked among one of the five study destinations worldwide.

3. Excellent exchange degree and diploma programmes.

4. Good in terms of cost of living and education.

5. International educational hub with over 550,000 students coming in every year.

Economy Features

Australia, which ranks well among the world’s top 15 economies, has a stable and advanced economy and is also a member of the G20 group of countries. Here, mainly the service sector rules, thus contributing about 66 % to the country are overall capital. The agricultural and the mining sector also contribute well and the natural resources are also important in the same regard. The American Dollar is the main circulating currency here.

Fascinating Facts

Australia is the third highest in the world when it comes to students coming here in order to pursue higher studies. This comes as a surprise when its population is just 23 million. But the great fact remains that, Australia has almost seven top worldwide universities that provide about 2,200 varied courses in about 1,100 widely spread institutions. According to the ranking of the National Higher Educational Systems, It stands eighth among the topper Universities and stands at par with Germany and Sutherlands, as far as international education is concerned
This is a great achievement for Australia, where affordable lifestyle, progressive technologies and sound atmosphere for learning makes it a student’s ideal place for gaining knowledge. It’s important to mention here, that the Australian Government is also providing a whooping sum of a$200 million annually, through its various scholarships and foreign education exchange programmes to boost the education sector here. This thus makes Australia, a land of opportunities and ladder to a successful career in future.

Considering this impressive picture, it comes as no surprise to note that, each year; a good 2.5 million satisfied international students pass out from the universities here. It is a matter of pride to point out that so far Australia has produced about 15 Nobel laureates and similarly, Australian discoveries and accomplishments are eagerly awaited by masses worldwide. It would be a pleasure and golden opportunity to study and progress in a country that’s proudly associated with Penicillin, the IVF concept, WIFI, the Bionic Ear and many other achievements that changed human life for the better.

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