Reasons to study in GERMANY – Land of ideas

German universities are among one of the world’s best institutes and a powerhouse to impart education in Europe. More than 12% of students at German universities comprise of foreign students – just like you. This makes Germany the third most popular destination among international students. German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide, thus adding on to your job security. German education is renowned for the following reasons:

1. World class research and teaching facilities.

2. Variety of courses to choose form.

3. Close link between theory and practice.

4. Nourishment of personal and intellectual potential.

5. Safe, secure and economically stable location.

6. Healthy ecological and lush green surroundings.

7. Environmentally aware society.

8. Harmonious diversity of modern and traditional cultures.

Land Attributes

Germany occupies a land mass spanning almost 350,000 square km. It is strategically surrounded by as many as 9 European nations in all 4 directions. It has the lowlands on the north, uplands in the center and the majestic Alps to the south. Its capital is Berlin.

Economy Features

Germany is a prominent member of the European Union (EU). The currency here is the Euro. The German economy is the strongest and largest in Europe and the forth-largest in the world after U.S.A, Japan and China. Its export-oriented economic model drives the German economy, making it the second largest exporter in the world. Germany is among the largest and technologically superior producers of cement, chemicals, coal, automobiles, iron, steel, and machinery, to name a few. Germany is also the leader in production of wind turbines and solar power technology in the world. The German cities of Hanover, Frankfurt and Berlin; are hubs for some of the largest annual international congresses and trade fairs.

Fascinating Facts

Germany’s higher education institutions see about 340,000 international students studying various courses. As a result it emerges as the third most popular destination among international students. Most of Germany’s states do not have any tuition fees for undergraduate students at the public German universities. This means that both domestic and international undergraduates at public universities in Germany can study for almost free. Students from abroad can also take up jobs with their studies. Additionally, student jobs are subsidized, which translates to reduced social security costs for employers. As an outcome, the landscape is lucrative for both employers as well as the foreign students studying in Germany.

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