Reasons to study in Ireland - Europe's entrepreneurial country

The Republic of Ireland is considered one of Europe’s fastest developing countries

Interesting facts about Ireland

1. The Independent IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2016 states Ireland as having one of the best educational systems in the world.

2. Well developed, ever progressing, and energetic country.

3. Known for its cordial and welcoming people.

4. Great importance is given to education and becoming a popular centre for studies for the English language.

5. Technology savvy economy.

Land Attributes

The Republic of Ireland, that has its capital as Dublin, compromises of 26 various countries. It covers about five-sixths of the total Ireland area and is mostly a plain level area covered beautifully by rugged hills and low mountains and sea cliffs on the West Coast. The river Shannon separates the Midlands from the West.
Ireland is also a home to many leading and ever progressing companies that have successfully established their research centres here. In the same regard, it may be pointed out that, with the help of a programme for shared research projects, started by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, there is perfect harmony, with academic researchers and local upcoming companies, working together hand in hand with many top professional establishments for the all-round development of this area.

Fascinating Facts

At present, around more than 35,000 international students, coming across from more than 160 countries, are enjoying their stay here. The main fact that the Republic of Ireland has become a great hub for education and international knowledge exchange programmes, more and more foreign students are pursuing their dreams for a sound higher education, here. Thus, with a good reputation of being a safe, secure and welcoming country, it’s soon turned into a favorite with students all over, who wish to take up higher studies.

It may also be pointed out here, that the Govt of Ireland pumps in more than $782 million yearly, to fund the ongoing educational activates and foreign programmes, in the country. The Irish universities, conducting research successfully over more than 19 varied fields ranging from natural sciences and social sciences to humanities. Thus, the place is excellent, when one is looking at good opportunities at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

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